Research presentation

2019 Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference at Caltech

Congratulations to Alejandro Palacio Betancur on presenting his poster on Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of Structures, and,

Congratulations to Alvaro Javier Florez on presenting on a Model Free Adaptive Control Method for Vibration Control of Base-isolated Structures.

Dr. Gutierrez Soto served as Chair for the MS62: Complex Dynamics and Vibration Control of Structures under Single/Multiple Hazards session.

Check out their talks at online conference program and book of abstracts.



Professional Development


SimCenter at University of California - Berkeley

This summer Alejandro Palacio-Betancur and Sajad Javadinasab-Homorzabad attended a 2-day training of SimCenter, which is part of the NHERI DesignSafe-CI facilities. With support from the National Science Foundation, the SimCenter granted a travel stipend to attend!

The two-day workshop on natural hazard engineering was hosted by SimCenter, the NSF-funded center that provides next-generation computational modeling and simulation software tools for natural hazards engineering research community. The workshop was focused on introducing and working with simulation tools developed by SimCenter. The tools are developed for both educational and research purposes. The educational tools include Multiple Degrees of Freedom (MDOF), Pile Group, Earthquake versus Wind, and Braced Frame Modeling tools.

On the other hand, the research applications facilitate basic and advanced modeling, analysis and simulation of some types of natural hazards including windstorms, storm surge, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Uncertainty quantification (UQ), loss estimation, and optimization concepts play the key role in these applications. The research tools include Earthquake Engineering - Uncertainty Quantification (EE-UQ) Application, Uncertainty Quantification Finite Element (uqFEM) Application, Computational Wind Engineering - Uncertainty Quantification (CWE-UQ) Application, Performance Based Engineering (PBE) Application, and Regional Earthquake Workflow.

SimCenter is currently developing the simulation tools based on the natural hazard engineering community needs and therefore any required simulation feature can be suggested and included in the software packages. The software packages use separate tools for different parts of the workflow. OpenSees is the major tool for finite element structural analyses and other open source tools are also employed to perform uncertainty quantifications as well as damage and loss analyses. The applications are capable of simulating the impact of natural hazards on structures, lifelines, and communities. The consequential costs and losses due to a natural hazard can be estimated in both small scale (a single building) and large scale (a region including millions of buildings) problems.

More information about the SimCenter can be found here

Poster presentation


UK Undergraduate Research

Congratulations to Morgan Baumann and Chistopher Wheatley for presenting their research on origami-inspired additive manufacturing of buildings during the 2019 University of Kentucky Scholars event.

More information can be found here.



Research presentation

2019 SPIE Smart Structures + Nondestructive Evaluation

Congratulations to Brandon Enbody on presenting his paper on bioreplication, and,

Congratulations to Amanda Bellamy on presenting her paper on origami-inspired facades.

Dr. Gutierrez Soto served as Chair for the Energy Harvesting session.

Check out their talks at online conference program and conference proceedings.



On the ground

Damage assessment of structural damage due to Hurricane Harvey

A group of wind engineering investigators including Prof. Gutierrez Soto surveyed and performed damage assessment of residential buildings that suffered from Hurricane Harvey in Port Aransas, TX.

Check out the online news articles:

University of Kentucky UK Now

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The New Faces of Engineering

Dr. Gutierrez Soto was recently interviewed by the Diversity in STEAM magazine!

Check out the article online at:

Diversity in STEAM


Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference

A group of most influential engineering investigators gather at the ASCE EMI conference each year. The 2018 annual conference took place at the MIT campus.

Check the 2018EMI conference site for more information


UK Undergraduate Research

A group of most aspiring engineering innovators gather at the UK Youngs Library to present research findings each year.

Congratulations Caylee, Alex, Chris and Brandon on their poster presentations!