Our Research Group

The Smart Structures research group is a multidisciplinary research lab at the University of Kentucky. One application of this research work shows how bio-inspired concepts for protection of civil infrastructure provides additional reliability even during extreme events where energy is a limited resource. This research lies in intersection of agent-based modeling, vibration control and evolutionary game theory which is a solid foundation for cross- and multi-disciplinary research.

Meet the Team

" One cannot discover new oceans unless one has the courage to lose sight of shore" - Andre Gide'


Mariantonieta Gutierrez Soto, Ph.D.

Director and Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at University of Kentucky.

Currently investigating multi-disciplinary research in smart civil engineering infrastructure.


Prethesha Alagusundaramoorthy

Graduate Researcher

Ph.D. Civil Engineering graduate student.

Currently investigating aerodynamic mitigation of building structures.

Garrett Demaree

Garrett Demaree

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Civil Engineering

Currently investigating seismic behavior of irregular diagrid buildings


Alejandro Palacio Betancur

Graduate Researcher

Ph.D. Civil Engineering.

Currently investigating real-time hybrid simulation of smart structures.

M.S. Thesis: "Adaptive Tracking Controller for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation"



Christopher Wheatley

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Material Science Engineering

Currently investigating shape memory alloys for morphing building envelope


Laura Marie Letellier


Senior Lecturer and Ph.D. researcher

Currently investigating the design of medicines at the nanometer scale using engineering mechanics


Sajad Javadinasab Hormozabad

Graduate Researcher

Ph.D. Civil Engineering graduate student.

Currently investigating structural health monitoring and vibration control.

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Phillip Antonio Thompson

Graduate Researcher

Ph.D. Family Science graduate student. Currently investigating family resilience analysis models

Meet the Alumni from this Research Group

What is next?


Nicolas Vargas

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Civil Engineering

Investigated economical and sustainable development of vulnerable communities impacted by natural hazards


Morgan Baumann

Former Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Civil Engineering

Investigated additive manufacturing for origami building structures


Alex Nguyen

Former Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Computer Engineering.

Investigated origami-inspired structures.

Currently pursuing a M.S./Ph.D. in Integrated Circuits and Systems at the University of Texas at Austin


Roberto Barajas

Former Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Civil Engineering. Investigated vibration control of bridge structures.

Currently working at Consulting Services Incorporated


Amanda Melendez

Former Graduate Researcher

M.S. Civil Engineering

Thesis: Holistic Resilience Quantification Framework of Rural Communities

Currently works at Michael Baker International

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 6.09.39 PM

Caylee Marshall

Former Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Chemical Engineering student. Investigated origami-inspired structures


Daniel Gallutia

Former Undergraduate Researcher

Investigated energy harvesting using wave energy converters and their performance in an array.

Now, works as a civil engineer at the Naval Sea Systems Command for the U.S. Navy


Pablo Velasquez

Former Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Electrical Engineering

Involved in investigating structural health monitoring using the IoT approach

Currently pursuing his M.S. Electrical Engineering at Grand Valley State University

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.26.04 PM

Amanda Bellamy

Former Graduate Researcher

M.A. Architecture, B.S. Civil Engineering, B.A. Architecture.

Investigated origami-inspired building structures and dynamic building envelope.

Currently works at Denham-Blythe Company, Inc.


Brandon Enbody

Former Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Civil Engineering.

Studied biomimicry of aquatic life for community windstorm design.

Currently a M.S. graduate student at UCLA


Chris Addington

Former Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Civil Engineering student. Investigated origami-inspired structures