Honors and Awards

A Teacher Who Made a Difference

University of Kentucky

College of Education, 2020



Outstanding Performance Award

The Ohio State University

Department of Engineering Education, 2016


Faculty Mentor of Week Award

University of Kentucky

Office of Undergraduate Research, 2019



Distinguished Graduate Student Award

The Ohio State University

College of Engineering, 2017


Presidential Fellowship

The Ohio State University

Graduate School, 2016



Engineering Science Symposium

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference, 2016


Awards to Students Supervised


NHERI DesignSafe Hackathon

Saanchi Kaushal

Texas Advanced Computing Center

University of Texas at Austin



Third place - Group Competition

Timber-Strong Design Build Competition

Structural Engineers Association student chapter

Alejandro Palacio Betancur, Amanda Melendez, Prethesha Alagusundaramoorthy

NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit

Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA



Borda Graduate Scholarship in Honor of Gifford H. Albright

For Scholarly Excellence in Architectural Engineering

Saanchi Kaushal

Department of Architectural Engineering

Pennsylvania State University




Honorable Mention

54th Annual Oswald Research and Creativity Award

Brandon Enbody

Department of Civil Engineering

University of Kentucky




First Place - Group Competition

Structural Health Monitoring Challenge

Alejandro Palacio Betancur

Asia-Pacific-Euro Summer School

Sapienza University of Rome