Italy|Day 16-18 – July 29th – 31st

Italy|Day 16-18 – July 29th – 31st

This last three days we had the last block of classes of the event. On Monday Dr. Filipe Magalhaes explained the basics about wind turbines dynamics and their vibration analysis, Dr. Hong-Nan Li talked about the use of fiber optical sensors for monitoring, Dr. Oreste Bursi talked about the use of metamaterials as wave manipulators for vibration control of structures,  and Dr. Marco Lepidi showed how metamaterials can be used as a vibration shield.

Tuesday only had two classes, Dr. Jean Dumoulin talked about the principles of thermography and how it can be used for non destructive testing of structures, and Dr. Marcus Perry showed us different applications of smart cement and concrete.

The last four classes on wednesday were about robotics and augmented reality. Dr. Stefano Genezzi talked about unmanned aerial inspection and how these can be used to create complete 3D models of structures. Dr. Fernando Castillo showed current robotic developments explaining their complexity and recent robot inspection technology. Dr. Erika Ottaviano talked about advances in robotic systems for inspections and showed some examples with biped mechanisms. Dr. Fernando Moreu explained how augmented reality can be used for structural health monitoring.

This week we have also made some progress on the projects of the student competition. We have used two different method for system identification, two approaches for model updating, and different strategies for damage identification.

This week we have had the usual, sandwitch from Lo Spaccio and playing some games at the hostel, even Monopoly that for some reason we ended up playing far too late.

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