Italy | Day 4 – July 17th, 2019

Italy | Day 4 – July 17th, 2019

Today we begun with a class about Bayesian logic and how it is applied in Smart Structural Elements. Dr. Daniele Zonta explained probabilistic logic, Bayes' rule and how this principles can be used to do damage detection when an element is built with sensors directly from the beginning.

The other two classes were taught by Dr. Branko Glisic. First we learned about fiber optics, its advantages and applications to design a structural health monitoring system. Later we saw how long-gauge sensors can be used to detect properties at the macro-level of a structure.

At the end of the day, we had the second lab. We needed to measure the structural response of a steel frame for two different excitations, white noise with a shake table and impulse response with a hammer test. The test was repeated  for the structure without the braces to simulate damage. The measurements were done with accelerometers and with a high-speed camera. The tasks for the group competition consist in detecting damage in the structure with the obtained information, and propose a structure health monitoring system.

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