Italy | Day 9-11 – July 22nd-24th, 2019

Italy | Day 9-11 – July 22nd-24th, 2019

The last three days we've had several classes. On Monday Dr. Hui Li talked about the use of Artificial Intelligence in SHM, Dr. Tomonori Nagayama described easy to use and low power consumption wireless sensors for monitoring of bridges, Dr. Yi Qing Ni explained monitoring with big data and machine learning, he showed us some applications to bridges, buildings and tunnels.

This Tuesday, we started with our first classes about cultural heritage. Dr. Salvador Ivorra talked about diagnosis of historic constructions through SHM and showed us case studies of bell towers, and Dr. Dina D'Ayala showed us smart structural devices used for the protection of architectural heritage and gave us examples to prevent overturning of masonry walls. In the afternoon, Dr. Chung-Bang Yun gave us a lecture about smart infrastructure to improve resilience, some of the examples were the Hybrid Mass Damper on the Yokohama Landmark Tower in Japan and the TMDs and dampers in the London Millennium bridge. Dr. Alvaro Cunha explained the process and instruments required for dynamic testing of large infrastructure and talked about applications such as the study of the Millau Viaduct at the Commissioning Phase and dynamic testing at service face of Dom Luiz I Bridge.

Dr. Shirley Dyke taught the first class on Wednesday, she talked about Real-time Hybrid Simulation (RTHS), an efficient and economical testing method for structures. Dr. Carmelo Gentile showed us case studies using operational modal analysis (OMA) for SHM strategies for Cultural Heritage of structures. Dr. Walter Salvatore talked about bridge monitoring and Dr. Elsa Caetano explained the monitoring of cable structures.

These past three days my group begun working on the student competitions. It is good to know we already have some preliminary results from the system identification using the recorded data and a simplified finite element model of the pedestrian bridge. We still have a lot of work ahead of us!

We started using the kitchen of the hostel to prepare some breakfasts and dinners. We have had a lot of pasta but somehow you can't get enough of it while being here. It tastes even better when it is prepared by an Italian friend, thank you Michelangelo!


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