Thailand- Day 3: June 6th, 2019

Thailand- Day 3: June 6th, 2019

Hello my wonderful readers!


Second day of our PREEMPTIVE program and we started it off with lectures, first one given by by Dr. Claudia Marin from Howard University. Her lecture topic was “Advancing knowledge on protective systems towards seismic and tsunami resilience.”



Dr. Vicrom Panichacarn from Kasem Bundit University gave his lecture “A study on structural and earthquake engineering at KBU.”
Dr. Vicrom Panichacarn has been our Thai host for the program and today instead of presenting his lecture in person… he made a video referencing the very popular movie of the Avengers: Infinity War/End. It was the BEST way to end the lectures for the day.

The President of Kasem Bundit University came today and welcomed us to Thailand. He gave us a tour of the many labs KBU has to offer, one being an actual airplane on campus for the training pilots to practice on!


After the lab tours and a great lunch (Thai food is so spicy and flavorful), we packed up our bags and went back to the Suvarnabhumi Airport to travel to Phuket, Thailand. The 2004 Tsunami in Thailand left a huge impact on the country. More than 8000 people died. Phuket, Thailand was the first part of Thailand to be hit by the tsunami and till this day it still has affected areas that need to be reconstructed. We came to tour these disaster areas for the purpose of collecting research for our project proposals.


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